Rain and other balcony views

I saw my first rain in Freetown yesterday — it started in the morning and continued all throughout the day. It was the first time I’d seen any rain during my stay here, and it was kind of comforting because it reminded me of home, and I like rain a lot. But it was more intense than any rain I’ve seen in Seattle — or anywhere else for that matter. The sky was a cloudy white and grey, the temperature cooled down, and rain just poured from the sky in buckets. The video above was shot in the morning at about 8:30 AM soon after it started.

The day before was Eid, a holiday marking the end of Ramadan. The logistics guy at Awoko said Sierra Leone is half and half Muslim and Christian, but Google tells me it’s about 78 percent Muslim, 20 percent Christian and the remainder (I guess 2 percent) animist beliefs. I’m not sure what kind of festivities usually happen on Eid in Sierra Leone, but I heard processions and chants coming from the street in the evening. Here’s what it sounded like outside my room:

There’s lots more coming about my first days here, but for now I’ll sign off with some views from the balcony of my hostel:



One thought on “Rain and other balcony views

  1. The rain on all those tin roofs must have been quite loud. We’re having a soft rain play on the trees and sidewalk in the night right now (Friday 10:30 p.m.) The rain is peaceful tonight but it sounded like a strong force in Freetown. Nice to see your surroundings but don’t hesitate to give us a quick cameo also.


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