You’ve stumbled on my blog about my summer reporting in Sierra Leone. Welcome! My name is Chetanya Robinson and I’m a Seattle journalist and soon to be graduate of the University of Washington. I’ve written for local publications in the Northwest, but this is my first time doing any sort of international reporting, which I’m excited (and nervous) about to no end. From July to September I’ll be interning with Awoko, a newspaper in the capital city of Freetown. The opportunity came through a special scholarship program in se0821the University of Washington’s journalism department that sends a handful of students each year to a far-flung locale, usually in the developing world, to intern with a local news publication for the summer.

On this blog I’m planning on posting about my experiences living and reporting in Freetown, and what I find interesting, surprising, shocking or sublime here. I’ll probably also post links to the pieces I write, with some background about what it was like reporting and writing the story.

If you’re in the Freetown area and have any tips for me, feel free to message me through the site, or find me on Twitter at @chetanyarobins.

Hope you enjoy reading!